Do it Yourself- Product Information and Installing Training Material

We provide the information and training you need to install a heat pump water heater. Select one of the training videos described below to get started.

Heat Pump Water Heater Information and Installation Training

This course is designed for water heater installers, their distributors, sales personnel and other supporting players. Beginning with a simple overview of heat pump water heaters, it provides a focus on how heat pumps work and how they are used to transfer heat to water. The training explores heat pumps in the residential water system, and teaches how to properly size and install them.
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Hot Water Use Properties

This course explains household hot water use patterns that effect water heater efficiency. Watch this short presentation to learn more about hot water events- how often they occur and why, and hot water draw patterns in an average household.
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Additional Information and Training

For additional Heat Pump Water Heater information and training, choose from the topics below: