Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement

If you live in the Sacramento area and are looking to replace your water heater with an energy and money saving heat pump water heater, you have come to the right place. Installing a heat pump water heater will save you money and energy, and replacing your existing water heater BEFORE it dies a watery death will save you time and frustration. We are here to help you. On this website you can quickly find and contact a Qualified Installer who has been trained to assist with a heat pump water heater purchase and provide installation service.

Still not sure a heat pump water heater is right for you? Then use this website to explore and learn. Click on the “About Heat Pump Water Heaters” tab and you'll get information based on Department of Energy research findings. Or calculate your own estimated monthly/yearly savings using the Savings Calculator. We've included a listing of heat pump manufacturers so you can compare brands and provided details of incentives available on the Rebate Information tab.


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